The reasons why it is difficult to be a man

Although often says that the world is built on men's values, that's not exactly true. If we are so dominant, so you need someone to regularly and effectively suppress such a heaven, and if we are right, we are not so dominant. The power to detract us from all sides, and breathing down our necks - the ruthless and bloodthirsty environment and manipulative woman and disasters and unhealthy life ... this is what make our life more difficult than it seems.

1. Passing through difficult growing up

tempered by entering the small tussle with their peers, and often a physical fight. Moreover, it happens that they are smaller and shyer are constantly harassed by a stronger boy from school. Their testosterone can cause problems in later years, as it is responsible for increased aggressiveness. Therefore it is no wonder that men in one survey admitted that several times during the life imagined that kill someone. Some actually do.

2. Difficult to control impulses

Men are more prone to impulse control disorders that may be responsible for alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual deviance, aggressive outbursts, delinquency and problems with retention of the position. Prostitution is one of the few offenses for which women are often arrested, but even this only happens because men are more willing to pay for sex.

3. Self-destructive desire for sex

In teenage and in the fifties, men are inclined to get an uncontrollable desire for sex. In these periods of life are able to think about sex every five minutes,
while only 25 percent of those who belong to the age group between 26 and 55 years. When the famous biologist Alfred Kinsey worked his classic study of sexual behavior, found that men are more likely to masturbate and have seriously poliseksualio, which means they are ready to have sex with animals. Another shocking classic study led by Clark and Hatfield showed that 50 percent of men were able to go to bed with a woman that they see first time in their life.

4.  Women have no sympathy for such a wish

Clark and Hatfield echoed similar research with women and it turned out that none of the respondents would have consented to sex with a stranger. If you would say  to any unknown woman that you find her attractive and you want to take her to bed (which is not your girl), you can be sure you'll frighten her, regardless of whether they are attractive by you or not.

5. We are scattering in front of others

Men generally earn more than women, and more spending. They are also more likely to take risks and invest in an insecure transactions. They are willing to fraud and theft, which is another reason why more often than women end up in prison. This exacerbates their constant motivation to attract potential partners and do not complain about the money.

6. We do not have the same social support as women

Men would love to be friends with women because they are more open to talk and can help to solve the dilemma of life. However, women do not like male friends who can not reciprocate a favor. Therefore, rather socialize with members of their own sex.

7. Men die younger

Even if you pass safely through adolescence, avoided jail for murder or embezzlement of money, you will still die before women. The same testosterone that encourage them to irrational competition, risks and sex, also reduces their life. It supports the fact that we smoke and drink
a lot more than women.


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