3 Most bizarre death during sex!

Enjoyment of sexual intercourse can sometimes turn into a real horror with a tragic outcome if you choose wrong place, you take too many stimulants or you overplay with sex toys.

Chinese couple who tragically died in the midst of sexual relations falling from a window, not only that befell bizarre fate during the amorous passion. Introducing the similar fate of three people who perished in the midst of making love. It is certainly not recommended that you try at home with similar stunts, because who knows what could happen to you.

A few days ago the news went around the world on the couple from Shanghai who had sex in the window that could not support them. The unfortunate people fell directly on the concrete and died on the spot, shocked witnesses of this tragedy at one point saw two naked people how screaming perish in death.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case.

"VIAGRA" Death

Russian Sergei Tuganov bet with his friends in 3,500 euros that he can have sex with two girls 12 hours straight. To succeed in this, he drank the whole package of "Viagra". At one point it seemed like it would reach the finish line, but heart attack stop him at the end.

- We called an ambulance, but it was too late - said one of the girls.

Killed woman with nipple clamps

American from Pennsylvania killed his wife after a sado-masochistic sex. The couple loved to use most diverse supplies during intercourse, and one of their favorites was nipple clamps. However, the man at one time had the idea to put one end to his wife and the other for special effects (idiot), inserted into the socket. Of course, the woman was killed in a few seconds of electric shock.


Lion eat a woman during sex

SHaRai Mawera from Zimbabwe was killed in a very bizarre way. After he took her out of the tent in which she was making love with her partner, lion killed and eat her. The woman went with her husband on a trip and on a beautiful meadow set up a tent, where they decided to spend the night in spite of the dangers that lurked. Just at the moment when they most enjoyed, animal stormed in and pulled the woman out, while the man managed to escape and climb on a nearby tree.


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