14 things that America envious to Europe

The inhabitants of the Old continent regularly like to flatter themselves that they are more sophisticated, cultured, educated and in many other areas better than Americans - and this is nothing new. But when such conclusions are served from an American perspective, it is interesting to see the reasons why they think it.

The Huffington Post has done just that: a list that serves as proof that the Europeans are better than Americans.

1. The health care system

It is quite logical that this is the first item, since it is currently the burning issue in the United States. While the U.S. Congress struggles with 'Obamacare ', in Europe there are a number of examples of health care more efficiently solved. U.S. could learn a lot from Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, because with this system they are only better from Serbia and Brazil,
Huffington Post writes. 
2. Cheeses

Europe produces miracles such as gruyere, parmesan, feta. During this time we have an undefined
yellow mass that representing Americans.

3. The public transportation

While in Europe, there are quick subways and public buses, in the U.S. you will have fun "waiting for three hours on public transport" if you live anywhere other than New York, Chicago and Washington.

4. Longevity

The average life expectancy in Switzerland and San Marino is 83 years. Four European countries are tied with 82 on second position. What's more, 24 European countries found their place on the list ahead of the U.S. that are only at 33 position.

5. Football

European nations have won 10 of 19 World Championships, led by Italy, Germany and Spain. You do not have to wait four years to the magic of football - the Champions League final 2012th attracted 150 million viewers, and the Super Bowl 2013th 106 million. Americans did not qualify for the World Cup  40 years after 1950. Are best qualified for the first year when they took part in 1930, and it was the third. "

6. Vacation

At the top countries in the world which is the best in terms of rest, the first seven are from Europe. Austrians have 35 paid days off per year. And no one is criticizing they are lazy. During that time, the U.S. is the only developed country where paid vacation and holidays are required by law. "

7. Chocolate

Belgium and chocolate are practically synonymous. Chocolate "M & Ms" are fine, but they ate not even close to the delights from Brussels.

8. Political sex scandals

'Bunga bunga' parties can lead politicians in trouble. But in most cases their extramarital affair does not mean much to voters. Just look at the strange saga of the French President and his partner Valerie Triervejler. The former wife of the president Holande, Segolene Royal, almost become President 2007, but lost to Nicolas Sarkozy. Then she lost the Holande Triervejler. Not to mention that Sarkozy divorced and re-married when he was president. On the other hand, you have Americans like Mark Sanford who cried in public because of their unbelief, making the story even less interesting.

9. Measures

Europeans use the metric system. And if you know to multiply by ten you know that the next larger unit. On the other hand: there are three teaspoons in one soup, 16 tablespoons in a cup, two cups in a pint two pints in a quarter and four quarters in a gallon. The rate is 12 inches, three feet the yard and 1760 yard mile (or 5,280 feet). 144 square inches is the square foot, and 43560 square feet in acre ...

10. Nudity in the media

In addition to nudity in the royal family in Europe, it's just not a big deal. And in America, everyone over 15 knows that the 'Nipplegate' (the moment when the world saw Janet Jackson breast
revealed by Justin Timberlake at Super Bowl) opened the door to a new era of American puritanism.

11. Economical cars

In Europe, no one laughs if you drive a car that is only slightly higher than the baths, because they themselves probably drive car like that. On the other hand, we in America believe that our milk from the store must be transported in tanks to the house.

12. Car race

Europeans have a chance to watch the Formula 1 race cars and all that to the incredible speed entering the curves and chicanes, and in America, where we watch NASCAR drivers are just going in circles.

13. Castles

Ancient remains of various kingdoms, many of the castles in Europe were built before Columbus discovered America. The whole of Europe is dotted with these incredible buildings from another era. In America, the only castle that we know is Cinderellas castle and you need to pay a ticket to Disney World that costs $ 92 to see it.

14. Enjoyment

Longer lunch at a cafe in Paris, Sijesta in the sun in Spain or gently sipping wine on the terrace in Italy - it is very difficult to say that in Europe things are done in the wrong way. On the other hand, Americans are always in a hurry. If you do not respond to the email within 10 minutes, customers are already thinking about filing a missing persons report.


  1. Columbus didn't discover America...get your facts straight!!

  2. No American immigrates to other countrys were the only free country in the world and we could kick the shit out of any 10 country's combined

  3. Nice job of spelling. This is why America is a joke to the world

    1. Oh really ?? Sure is funny how all you other country's sure like our damn money to keep your shithole countries afloat !


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