Sexiest yacht ever

Luxury yacht with which you will win every girl. Yacht codenamed Hedonist designed by Art of Kinetik, is real lure for women of all ages. Abundant prestige and luxury. Many consider it the most beautiful wooden yacht in the world. It's 19 meters long and a maximum speed is 40 knots. Can comfortably accommodate 12 people. Below, you can see the photo gallery that consists of 22 images. Also here are technical data for this yacht. Enjoy!

Length - 19 m
Width - 5,28 m
Displacement - 32.5 t
Max number of people on board - 12
Engines - 3 x 800 hp MAN R6-800
Drive - 3 x Rolls Royce Kamewa waterjets
Fuel Tank - 3500L (2 x 1750)
Fuel tank - 650L
Maximum speed at full load - 40 knots
Cruising speed - 33 knots
Fuel consumption at top speed - 430 L / H
Fuel consumption at cruising speed - 330 L / H



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