Top 10 most expensive divorces ever

Numerous infidelity, humiliation during the marriage are typical for most celebrity couples. It's easy to fall in love, and difficult divorce agreement when millions are at stake. What are you more stars, the higher the payout. These celebrity stars can afford it, because their bank accounts have enormous wealth for some and exceeds billions of dollars. We have singled out some of the most expensive divorce in the world of celebrities. Who's  "impoverished" and who has profited see below. 

10. Mick Jagger i Jerry Hall
Divorce of rock stars and model amounted to $ 25 million. 

9. Michael Douglas i Diandra Luker

1997th, after 20 years of marriage, Diandra has filed for divorce. Divorce is estimated at $ 45 million.

 8. Paul McCartney i Heather Mills
Former model husband had to pay $ 48.6 million.

7. James Cameron i Linda Hamilton 

 Although they were married only 17 months, the couple's divorce was estimated at $ 50 million.

6. Kevin Costner i Cindy Silva
Actor's divorce cost $ 80 million.

5. Steven Spielberg i Amy Irving
The couple's divorce, after only four years of marriage is estimated at about $ 100 million.

4. Harrison Ford i Melissa Mathison

After 21 years of marriage (1983-2004) Melissa walked with $ 118 million in her pocket.

3. Neil Diamond i Marcia Murphey 
Legendary singer, wife took half of his assets. The couple's divorce was $ 150 million.

2. Michael Jordan i Juanita Jordan

The famous basketball player had to pay his wife Juanita $ 168 million in order to get divorced from her.

1. Rupert Murdoch i Anna Murdoch

US-Australian media mogul, Rupert Murdoch's divorce was standing astronomical $ 1.7 billion. It is the most expensive divorce in history.

Not that I'm biased, but as you can see, men are the ones who are entering a relationship full heart, and women are those who go out of relationship with millions. Men are willing to give everything for the woman, without knowing if that women ever love them.   

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