The second most luxurious hotel in the world

This beautiful and luxurious palace is actually hotel "The Emirates Palace" located in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates. In the three years that lasted construction, spent a record $ 3 billion. About twenty thousand workers built the impressive building, which spans a total of 100 hectares. All guests at the more than a kilometer long private sandy beach to their pleasure, where there is a diverse choice of water sports. Underground garage can accommodate up to 2500 vehicles. This hotel of 7 stars is the second most expensive hotel ever built. "Palace Suites" is the name of the most expensive suites in the hotel. Overnight stay in this apartment on average cost about 8000 euros. All those who think they will never visit this vast building, due to high prices - are wrong! Overnight in ordinary rooms for two people costs about 300 Euros.


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