The most expensive military aircraft's

The Pentagon in February announced military budget for fiscal 2013th year, which should be up to $ $2.902 trillion. When you have so much money on your disposal, sure you do not mind to spend few  million. Comparing the prices of the most expensive cars and most expensive military aircraft, you will notice that the price of the car on which dream is noting. Below are the ten most expensive military aircraft's ever made.

F/A-18 Hornet: $ 94 million

Was first put into use 1980, fighter aircraft with two engines was the first U.S. aircraft-striker who could attack and ground and air targets. It was used in action in Operation Desert Storm, and in demonstration aircraft navy blue angels. F / A 18 are also used by Canada, Australia, Finland, Kuwait, Malaysia, Spain and Switzerland.

EA-18G Growler: $ 102 million

Growler is a lightly armed version of the F/A-18 fighter aircraft, which has been updated for electronic warfare (and currently ships to the Navy). Growler is able to not only find and disrupt radar air defense, but also hinder the enemy comunications.

V-22 Osprey: $ 118 million

This aircraft with more propellers, which takes off and lands like a helicopter but can fly faster and farther as the aircraft with fixed wings, was first used in combat in Iraq 2007th. Production Osprey  was disrupted because layout and construction of airplane took the lives of thirty Marines and civilians only during its development (former Vice President Dick Cheney is more time trying to land the plane). However, because of its range and versatility, Marines plan to send more V-22 aircraft to Afghanistan.

F-35 Lightning II: $ 122 million

Hiring a company Lockheed Martin in 2001. to build this invisible aircraft, at that time constituted the largest military contract ever. F-35 are aimed to replace all the old arsenal of aircraft, and they have been developed as part of the Joint Combat attack programs between the U.S. and its allies and were criticized as weak and too heavy, and therefore represented the easy target. To make matters worse, from 2007-2008, the hackers infiltrated 7.5 million lines of code that are run by the Joint Combat attack, sparking concerns that enemies could copy the design of the F-35 since and exploit his weaknesses. In April 2009th from Lockheed Martin's said they do not believe that the program is compromised.

E-2D Advanced Hawkeye: $ 232 million

Huge step forward in surveillance and reconnaissance, the powerful new Advanced Hawkeye radar system will increase the range of territory that aircraft can monitor by 300%. "You can probably watch them grow pistachios in Iran" - said an analyst from the Institute think tank. Although the development of this aircraft continues and two test versions have been delivered to the Navy, budget cuts could keep the aircraft on the ground at least a year longer than planned. 

VH-71 Kestrel: $ 241 million 

This high-tech helicopter project, which aimed to replace the old president's helicopter, was crossing the budget by 50% when Barack Obama took office. Shortly after his inauguration, the president announced plans to halt construction of helicopters due to excessive costs. However, 22 July, the Council for approving projects, the House of Representatives unanimously approved $ 485 million to finance Kestrela.

P-8A Poseidon: $ 290 million

Dressed military version of Boeing 737 aircraft will use the Navy to conduct anti-submarine operations and data collection. It can carry torpedoes, missiles, depth charges and other weapons. It is expected that the P-8A to start using 2013th.

C17A Globemaster III: $ 328 million

Military-transport aircraft was used to move troops into the war zone, to conduct medical evacuations and eject paratroopers. 190-ti C17A's currently in service with four turbo engine (the same species as the Boeing 757 with two engines) and can throw 102 paratroopers at once. The operations of the 1993rd used to transfer troops and humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and Iraq.

F-22 Raptor: $ 350 million

Designed during the Cold War, as well as construction of airport aircraft that would compete with Soviet aircraft that were never built, F-22 oversaw manufacturer Lockheed Martin as the best fighter in the world, not to mention that he was also the most expensive. Can knock down enemy cruise missiles, flew great distances in supersonic speed and avoid almost all types of radar detection. The Senate debated whether to build seven more pieces for 1.67 billion dollars of taxpayers' money, which was later reduced to a discussion about the possibility of hiring people to build airplanes. The project would employ 25,000 Americans.

B-2 Spirit: 2.4 billion

The B-2 bomber was so expensive that Congress reduced the original order from the 1987th from 132 to 21 (aircraft crash in 2008. reduced the total number to 20). B-2 is difficult to detect using infrared, acoustic, electromagnetic, visual or radar signals. This option invisibility enables him to attack enemy targets with less risk of retaliation. Used from 1993rd, B-2 has been used in Iraq and Afghanistan. 




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