Apple iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C

California-based company has once again print out successful history page, this time with new devices iPhone 5S, 5C and iPhone IOS 7.

In October, Apple round up the figure of 700 million iOS devices shipped!

Thanks to a decent number of supported iPod and iPhone models, but Apple has a few tablets and smartphones, iOS 7 will be completed very soon the most popular mobile OS on the planet. What's important, the OS 7 are a notification and control center, the OS brings a whole new dimension of usability. OS 7 comes with the new multitasking capabilities, and Siri is more advanced, and can now be represented by the "complex" that searches tweets and perform many other (new) functions.

Apple iPhone 5s

Among the significant improvements that iOS 7 carries, are iTunes radio, iPhoto, iMovie applications, and several great and free applications, which are just a few of the over 200 improvements to the operating system coming (of course, Apple has always been obsessed with figures).

The most important thing is that OS 7 will get users of the iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod fifth generation, iPod mini owners of devices and appliances after them. OS 7 coming to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S already 18 September and the remaining listed devices will get it after a few weeks.

iPhone 5C: better, more lively and colorful iPhone version

The rumors were true! Apple introduced the iPhone 5C, cost variant of its popular smartphone! The back cover will be made ​​of a non woven, but does not leave a "cheap" feeling in the user's hand, noted Tim Cook.

New iPhone 5C will appear in white, yellow, green, blue and pink colors.

Polycarbonate enclosure can brighten up a special rubberized handles with different motives, and it turns out that a cheap iPhone with its exterior and interior is not so "cheap". It has the same A6 chip, which has the iPhone 5, comes with a 4-inch Retina display with a special "touch" coating, will last iSight camera with 8 megapixels and the front FaceTime HD camera.

It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, Wi-Fi at 2.4 and 5 GHz, LTE support, and the two-year contract will cost $ 99 for the version with 16 GB and $ 199 for the version with 32 GB of memory.

Prices rubber cover will be $ 29, will be sold only at authorized Apple stores during their preparation used as materials that do not harm nature and can be fully recycled.

iPhone 5S: Enhanced version of (un) popular iPhone 5

And the iPhone 5S rumors were very accurate - we see it in platinum (white), black and champagne (gold) version. It is made entirely of aluminum and glass, fine-finals at the edges, less sensitive, but it is the case of the iPhone 5

This is the first smartphone in the world, who will drive 64-bit processor, and it is Apple A7.

iPhone 5S has a CPU that works with 32-bit applications and 64-bit, and all Apple applications have been processed and are doing great with the new, improved 64-bit A7 chip. Apple announced the new iPhone 5S graphics and up to 56 times faster than its predecessor, and that the power of the new CPU and up to 40 times higher. The new iPhone supports OpenGL ES 3.0 standard for graphics and the chip is built over a billion transistors!

With the new A7 and M7 CPU is a co-processor, which is responsible for measuring and optimizing the consumption data, a gyroscope, an accelerometer and other sensors, as well as support for the new generation of fitness and personal training application.

The battery of the new iPhone 5S is also improved, and can withstand up to 25 hours longer than the model and provides a discussion on the 3G network to 10 hours.
Camera with a 15 percent greater active area of ​​the sensor has new, the fifth part of the glass, which allows to capture better images. Autofocus has 15 zones, which also improves the quality of images, and there is a new True Tone dual LED flash. One of the triggers through the "prism" of hot, while the other ice cold triggers a spectrum of colors and you can get a picture with the appropriate flash every time. The camera has a 120 fps video recording, which allows you to create slow motion videos. Also, there are some of the effects that we have seen on competitors, mainly Nokia Lumia phones - delete an object in the image, the more moving objects in a single image.
Another characteristic of the new iPhone is connected to the safety and security of data, which is the fingerprint scanner, which is embedded in a circular button on the front. Touch ID sensor is made of four main parts, the most important touch panel sensitivity of 550 ppi and is protected by sapphire glass that is scratch resistant. Touch ID scans the fingerprint and thus unlocks the phone or disable access to the contents of the phone, if the fingerprints do not coincide.

Prices of iPhone 5S with two-year contract was $ 199 for the 16GB version, $ 299 for 32 GB and $ 399 for a device with a memory of 64 GB.

Ordering iPhone 5S model began 13 September, while in most stores in 10 countries, it can be purchased from 20 September. By the end of the year, the iPhone 5S will appear in over 100 countries on 270 networks.


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