Top 12 Dads Winning at Fatherhood

Parenthood can be tough and overwhelming undertaking for first-time fathers, yet with some of these virtuoso fathers' astute and imaginative techniques, it ought to be a breeze. These children basically parent themselves!

In case you're a cunning father who can loan his ability to this rundown, or on the off chance that you've seen a practically identical picture, we'd want to see it added to this rundown! Vote in favor of your most loved techniques excessively so that all of father kind can see it.

She Wanted To Be The Wolf

Having Tea-parties With Your Daughter

She Wanted A Swing So Became One

A Table Is A Table

Setting A Good Example

Letting His Daughter Do His Nails While Playing A Video Game

When You Leave Dad Alone With The Baby

Teaching Her A Lesson

Who Needs Weights When You Have Three Kids

Like Daughter, Like Father

Letting Your Daughter Do Your Make-up

Dads Are The Comfiest Chairs Ever


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