6 myths and misconceptions about anal sex

Anal sex is no longer taboo, but with him are still unduly attached some myths.

1. Anal sex practice only perverts

Anal sex is so become a common and accepted that is no longer considered even taboo. "Love the back door" is today one of the favorite fantasy of most men, and according to our research, 68% of women had tried, and two thirds of them
continue to practice. So, thinking that anal sex just for kinky people belong to a previous era.

2. Anal Sex Must be Painful

Anal opening has two muscles - the internal and external sphincter. As the internal sphincter associated with autonomic nervous system whether anal sex to be painful or not, depends on the relaxation of your partner. If there is a desire, relaxation and confidence in you, as well as with the use of a lubricant, for your partner not only anal sex will not be painful, but it can be so pleasant to experience and multiple orgasms.

3. Anus is Not Created for Sexual Pleasures

The human body except the genitals has a lot of erogenous zones whose stimulation can cause pleasure. Is anal opening one of the erogenous zones? Let's just say that it contains a large number of very sensitive nerve fibers whose stimulation can create a feeling of comfort. Also, the penetration of your penis at the same time can stimulate the vagina and her G-spot, which only further enhance the enjoyment!

4. Anal sex is dirty

Yes, anal sex is definitely dirtier than vaginal, but only if it does not take care of hygiene. Prior to anal sex is good to shower and wash around the anus, and if you want to complete purity can be made and an enema. Also, it is advisable to use during penetration protection that will not only protect you from potential sexually transmitted diseases, but also from contamination which could cause an infection near you.

5. Excitement of anal sex Notes homosexual inclinations

Homosexual men practicing anal sex as only that, with oral, can be practiced. The link between anal sex and homosexuality potential can find only those who fall under the influence of homofobnosti. By this logic, and oral sex might pertain to homosexuality, because it practiced and
homosexual persons! In anal sex all enjoy, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. 

6. Anal sex is easy to get infected with HIV

Anus and rectal tissue is more sensitive and easier to be hurt, and therefore also increases the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. However, anal sex in any case should not be equated with this pernicious disease. If anal sex wise practiced using condoms and lubricant, then the same sex such as safe as any other form of sex.

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