10 daredevil images stunningly sharp

Some people exposed to the incredible dangers, just to be able to boast of images that leave you breathless.

"Look at the ground, far below the foot, not many people can handle, and most impressive of all is that Makhorov climbed to the top with no safety equipment!"

Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa is, for those who do not know, 828 meters tall skyscraper, and what a view of the Dubai provides from him, showed a National Geographic photographer Joe McNally, dividing his courage (craziness) with the rest of the world on Instagram.

A former legal adviser, one day he realized that his work is tedious, and turned to more interesting entertainment - taking photographs with very high skyscrapers. Mustang Wanted never used protective equipment, and the building hanging holding on with only one hand. 

Group of Russian gambler, known as Crazy Russians are famous for playing with the lives and taking photographs at high-rise buildings. One of them, Alexander Remnev, after these pictures said: to him skyscrapers in Russia after this do not look so high. 


Another part of Crazy Russians who like to expose to danger without protective equipment. This photo was taken at the top of one of the many skyscrapers in Dubai, and watching it is impossible not to feel dizzy. 

40-storey skyscraper
Scott Young ascending high skyscrapers gives a whole new dimension because some admire, while others regard it as an idiot. This image is from the Young's Youtube channel which performs stand on the edge of a 40-storey building, looking into the abyss ... 

This image, took Vadim Makhorov, is simply breathtaking. View of the earth, far below the feet, hardly anyone can handle, and most impressive of all is that Makhorov climbed to the top with no safety equipment! 


Alexander Rusinov Russian enthusiast who is its incredible provoking lucky acquired the title of Spiderman from Saratov. The Rusinov specialty is climbing on tall buildings and taking photographs while holding only one hand, and below it, hundreds of meters below the ground ... 


Kawika Singson is known for incredible photographs of the volcano, and the photos went around the whole world. Standing on the fragile surface below which the hot lava, Singosonova shoe and tripod were already burned by high temperatures. All for the right photo, said Singson.

Bungee jumping is too extreme for many, and what you say to rebound from a skyscraper? How does look a moment before leaping into the abyss, showed us a jumper that moment after taking photographs of this picture, "threw" from the second largest tower. 

MOSCOW skyscraper

Not only men are brave, but also women. And Russian women. Known for crazy trends, such as lying down on the tracks under a speeding train, Russian women show courage, like Marie Bezrukov who likes to wander around the small wall at the top of higher skyscrapers.  


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