10 most brutal secret police

The secret police were established in order to mostly settling scores with political opponents, and this 10 its tasks performed on a specially brutal ways.

No police were so close with the KGB as the Stasi, the secret police of the former GDR. KGB and Stasi were so close that they shared offices in East Germany and the former USSR, and they both have benefits in both countries. Stāsti was also very numerous (one in 160 people) and are easily monitored all aspects of life of its population. Formed in 1950, during the 70's they started to deal with more psychological wars and intimidating the population. The disintegration of East Germany, fell apart the Stasi, but only after they destroyed a large number of files and file.

Even before the revolution brought Fidel Castro to power, Cuba was a territory where the CIA had a major impact. It is the US agency responsible for the establishment of BRAC's (Buro de Actividades de Represion Comunistas), whose remit is to prevent, detect and destroy the Communists in Cuba, but the Fascists and the Nazis and who have fled to the island. After the arrival of Castro to power, their founder Fulgencio Batista fled to Spain and BRAC is extinguished.

The Central Office of Banditry Repression, or abbreviated OCRB was the secret police established in the Central African Republic in the early '90s. Its task is to prevent any protests and unrest which began to spread acros country, and OCRB was very effective in its task. Population very much feared them since OCRB had the authority to torture anyone without having to prove guilt. Their favorite method of torture was beating and immediately driving to walking long distances.

One of the biggest secret police behind the Iron Curtain was the Romanian Securitate secret police which had as many as 500,000 employees and informers. As they had a large number of informers, nothing could miss them, so punished even those who have given the slightest criticism of the authorities. The they were immediately "corrected" by torture, while those with serious offenses executed without a little thinking. Securitate all its brutality best demonstrated in the mid 60's when they put down the coup which attempted overthrow of the government. Were shut down two years after the overthrow and killing of dictator Ceausescu in 1989.


During the tyrannical regime of dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines, established the secret police whose task was to deal with political opponents. Led by their commander, General Fidel Ramos (who would later turn against Marcos and be the leader of rebellion dictator was overthrown) police enjoyed torturing prisoners. Taught by the CIA, the prisoners were kept without sleep until he "confessed" their sins, after which they are  killed, and mutilated bodies thrown into the street as a warning to others.


When the dictator Francois Duvalier came to power in Haiti, the first decision was his establishment MVSN, the secret police, which had the task of dealing with all of his opponents and ensuring its survival in power. MVSN was a terror, mostly because of its method - of rape, kidnapping and torture, and killings were common - and that the burning and stoning. In order to achieve a psychological effect carcasses are left exposed. It is assumed that they were responsible for the deaths of over 60,000 people.  

Established in 1957 by the Shah, the Iranian secret police SAVAK was until 1979 (when the Shah was overthrown in revolution) hearts with fear all political opponents of rulers of Iran. Although they killed a lot less than other secret police around the world, SAVAK was known for his brutal torture that included electric shocks, extraction of teeth and nails, pouring boiling water and acids ... after the fall of the regime, SAVAK was replaced by a new service - Savam, which is continued practice of their predecessors.


Khmer Rouge regime established secret police to keep the peace in Cambodia, but Santebal quickly turned into determined to kill who supervised more than 150 concentration camps in the country. The most famous of these is the Toul Seng, through which between 1976 and 1978, 20,000 people passed, and only seven survived (not seven thousand, but literally - seven !!!). Santabel, who conducted the orders of the Khmer Rouge during the 11 years of his career responsible for the murder of nearly two million people!  

The Soviet Union had a large number of secret police during its history, of which the most famous KGB, but most notorious NKVD. The brutal secret police was the right hand of Joseph Stalin, who knew only two terms - torture and killing. NKVD was the one who founded and maintained the infamous gulags in which millions of lives lost. Even before the start of World War II, the NKVD was all opponents of Stalin sent to gulags or kill them summarily, and only between 1937 and 1939, killing an average of 1,000 a day the Soviets! In their gulags over 10 million people lost their lives. 

Number one unmatched belong to Hitler's notorious police who terrorized Nazi Germany during 13 years. Their task was choking opponents of the Nazi regime, but also to "solve the Jewish problem" and was one of the leaders of the Holocaust. Conceived first as an intelligence agency that oversaw the opponents of Nazism in Germany, had developed into a paramilitary unit which was under the jurisdiction of Heinrich Himmler, and which had the task of ensuring and monitoring the transportation of Jews to concentration camps. 


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