Luxury home of 85 million dollars, dream of every solo player

If you have ever dreamed of a house or apartment for crazy parties with the team, or the place that you might lead and impress the girls, then most likely went through your mind something like a house that we present to you today. Wondering what must have house of $ 85 million? Well, one of the most important things is the location where it is located, and one of the reasons why for this house need to give 85 million dollars, is the fact that your first neighbors are actors, TV stars, athletes and others who have enough money to afford property on the famous Beverly Hills. However, as in this neighborhood can still find a lot of favorable home, added value defines what hides inside of this modern building.

The project was created in collaboration by architect Joseph Ferrugia, designer Romana and home owner James Bruce Makowsky, and the whole insides performed in the style of the 60s and imbued with motifs from the film or sports history. Definitely the perfect place for a weekend of socializing with the guys in the macho environment while at the bar drinking a beer and watching the open type garage in which are some of the fastest cars of today.

This house is definitely a dream of every man, only with these things, but when we mention that there is seven bedrooms, a wine "cellar", home theater and a fully equipped gym, thoughts wander even more. Of course, replica motorcycle of James Dean in the living room, as well as furniture quilted Bentley leather are just some of the coolest details that add the finishing touch. But the thing without which this House can not pass the pool from which there is a great view of the city. Now only missing the company, a bunch of girls and the fun can begin. 



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