The ten most dangerous mistakes with condoms

It is not enough just to use condoms. You have to use them properly. However, three out of four people do not.

This is because most men at the same time foster the love and hatred towards them. The most common objection? You can guess - reduce pleasure, it is difficult to put on and they stink. But certainly it's good to have next to you when needed.

So make sure you do not do any of the ten dangerous mistakes with condoms:

You are not checking for obvious damage

Nearly 75 percent of people do not bother to check with the holes - even if the package is open with teeth (don't do this) or have a condom stuck for jewelry or nail, according to a Kinsey Institute study.

You are not checking the expiration date

That condoms do have a shelf life is a novelty for the 61 percent of users. Just do not confuse the expiry date and the date of manufacture. Condoms last long, regular and up to five years, and those with spermicide, which gradually breaks down latex, about two. However, if you carry it in your wallet or pocket, the warmth of your body
the period of validity can be shortened. If the condom is sticky or brittle, throw it ...

Not previously discussed the use of condoms

Yes, 60 percent of people say it does not turn out well when the question comes up condoms at the last minute. If you deal with it before the big moment, things will get better play out.

Puts it too late to "action"

As many as 43 percent of the respondents said that the condom is placed after penetration has already happened. Obviously they did not know that sperm can be released before the peak, and not risk a pregnancy, but also sexually transmitted diseases.

Do not leave space at the top

Apparently it is news for four out of ten users of condoms, that before putting should be gently squeezed tip of the condom to remove accumulated air and leave room for semen. Otherwise, the condom could break.

Puts it wrong

Don't you hate when that happens? About 30 percent of people put it on the wrong side, and so is more likely to slip. If this happens, it is safest to take a new one. Condoms should look like ski hats with rolled-lower edge.


About 29 percent of users reported bursting. In large part to a user error, not the fault of producers, scientists say. With error numbered 1,2,5 and 6, add this: use oil-based lubricants (petroleum jelly, creams for the face and body, baby oil). Thus, latex slip. Instead, the use of the softer silicone or water based (Glycerine).

Fall off during sex

Of 13 percent with this problem have various explanations, among other things, that it is not just fit them properly. To avoid this, in a "free time" try on different sizes and shapes.

Removing the condom too fast

It's not a good idea. 15 percent of those who do, the loss of an erection is the main reason. But erection during sex can come and go. Furthermore, ejaculation can occur even with no erections.

The biggest mistake of all

You are not using a condom! Do not allow for all of these potential problems to give up or think - why bother. Take a deep breath, learn how to do it and save your sex life.


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