Word about beard

The expansion of the beard is officially out of control. On a global level. Mild corrections are quite in place. Long time did not wear. A man with a bushy beard would rarely be taken seriously. Unless they are priest. Or possibly have dynamite wrapped around the waist. On the other hand, the fine-trimmed beard can be very strong style message, is acceptable in the professional world. Beard can not highlight or correct the facial features, and it can mitigate the severity of the classic business suit or evening suit. Of course, under the condition that it is proper.

1. Charmer

Beard from three to five days is ideal for most men. It seems visually jaw tighter and added highlights cheekbones, which is always good.
2. Nice beard

Full beard, must be trimmed so as not to look messy and chaotic. The area around the mouth, cheekbones and neck should be fertile ground for the kind of vegetation.
3. Beard for scarecrow

When the beard is bigger than the head, the fear is completely in place. Not even trimming help. Even the use of conditioner is in vain. 


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