Six poses for a guaranteed orgasm

Women in some positions easier to experience orgasm, so if you care to your sweetheart enjoys instead of faking it, read what from offered is most convenient to her. Experts say that women love all these poses, precisely because in them the easiest to reach their peak.

The missionary position

Sexologists claim that this is a pose in which women easily and often experience orgasm. Why? As stated in the one study, missionary pose allows them greater intimacy with their partner, and for women that is extremely important in sex. This makes it easier to relax and relaxation leads to a faster orgasm.

Reverse cowgirl

This is a pose in which a man is sitting or lying down, and the woman on him, and so she turned him back. It's a good pose because it allows easy access to the clitoris and just clitoral stimulation is the most common way in which a woman experiences an orgasm.

From behind

Women like this pose because it allows them control of the situation. They can choose the desired angle and depth of penetration, and this is a pose that allows the activation of G points. In this position, the woman does not need to stimulate the clitoris itself, but welcomed his hand.

She's on it

This is a pose that allows a woman the greatest control. But, it can be a little tiring for women, especially if she is not fit and don't have strong muscles. Man can help a way that he will move with hands of her hips. The woman then can concentrate on her clitoris and achieve orgasm, but also the depth of penetration.

Hot spoon

This is a pose in which a woman needs a man to turn her back, and he that is attached to the front part of his body against her. Buttocks throw at him and define the rhythm of penetration. Pose allows touching the clitoris, which can do either you or her. Enjoyment is certainly guaranteed.

Networked pose

Both lie on your side, but be facing each other. Her mission is to cover the legs, or one of his legs. So it will be very close to each other while the penetration takes place. Because of the balance will be required to abide by the partners. In this position women experience orgasm very easily.


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