Hennessey Venom GT with 435.31 km / h the fastest production car in the world

Top Gear reports that Hennessey, American sports car manufacturer managed to break the speed record for production cars, which since 2010 holding Bugatti Veyron SS . Record was broken in Florida Kennedy Space Center on the runway used for landing of the Space Shuttle , and Venom was driving test driver Brian Smith .Hennessey Venom GT drives General Motors V8 engine with a capacity of 7 liters , which along with two turbochargers develops 1244 horsepower . But even more impressive are the official measurement data , according to which the vehicle accelerate from 32 km / h ( 20mph ) to 193 km / h ( 120mph ) in just 7.71 seconds , while to 354 km / h ( 220mph ) should less than ten seconds .However , although the Hennesey Venom GT achieved a higher speed than the Bugatti Veyron SS , can not be called the fastest production car in the world . According to the Guinness Book of Records , in order to qualify for the record , the car must be transported driving in both directions , after which it takes the average speed of the two attempts. Why Venom didn't drivie in both directions ? They say they have not received permission to NASA . But that is only clocked , Venom GT would not be able to qualify for the Guinnes Book of Records for the reason that will be produced only 29 copies , while Guinness states that must be produced more than 30 copies of the car to be considered a production car.
Hennessy announced that it will no longer concentrate on the breaking of the speed record, but will try to knock down the track record at the world famous racetracks. One goal is to bring down record Top Gear track, where it will behind Venom GT steering wheel be unique Stig, which are considered the major success of overthrowing the undisputed Bugatti Veyron SS from the throne of the fastest production cars of today.

While waiting for the video of this record-breaking run, see how it looks Hennesey Venom GT at a speed of 427.6 km / h in the video that follows.



  1. Defeat the Veyron for now. But, I think that Bugatti will strike back soon.

  2. I think they (Bugatti) already start working on it.

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