Japanese BAD LAND Harley Davidson V-ROD 330

Oh yes, you read it right. Japanese except wild modifying and tuning of sports cars the same skills used on motorcycles. Company BAD LAND from Yokohama in Japan specializes in the modifying of Harley Davidson motorcycles. If you saw the first picture, it is unnecessary to discuss the appearance of this amazing vehicle. Compound Japanese aesthetics and mechanics combined with traditional style Harley has resulted in this beautiful "ninja" bike, which would not be ashamed neither bigoted "American". Especially because the rear 330 wide tire. Miracle! Bikers from Macho drooling for a long time for these saws, although all of them sitting on the "naked". Enjoy this crazy gallery.
List of modified parts with serial Harley Davidson V-Rod

Harley Davidson V-ROD 330 WIDE TIRE CUSTOM V-REX
Front & Rear Wheel: No Limit CUSTOM
Front Fork: No Limit CUSTOM
Engine Covers: No Limit CUSTOM
Headlight Thunder Bike
Air Box: BAD LAND in One-Off
Front Fender: BAD LAND in One-Off
Rear Fender: BAD LAND in One-Off
Handlebar: BAD LAND in One-Off
Exhaust: BAD LAND in One-Off
Front Brake Caliper: Performance Machine
Rear Brake System: NO LIMIT CUSTOM / Drive Side Brake
Rear Shock: Legend Air Ride System
Front Control Kit: Performance Machine
Rear Foot Control Kit: Performance Machine & BAD LAND in One-Off

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