Viber sold for $ 900 million

Viber, the popular VoIP platform that rival Microsoft's Skype was sold to the Japanese site Rakuten for $ 900 million.
WSJ informs that Rakuten decided to buy Viber because they think the price could soon be much higher because Viber rapidly progressing and is used by a growing number of users. According to some information, Viber has 300 million users, while Rakuten is its 200 million users. By comparison, it is thought that Skype has about one billion users, although Microsoft has never released official data.

Recall, Viber launched in 2010 for the iPhone, and later arrived to Android, Windows Phone, Windows and Mac computers. Viber has never been a commercial and therefore never earn money and to administer the final data, the company lost 29.5 million in the 2013th year.


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