10 Most Wanted Muscle Cars

Some people any number of Ferrari, Porsche's, Lamborghini or Jaguar can not replace good old "muscle" car. Under these cars mean the family cars that are cram strong, mostly American V8 engines. They are used for everyday road use or racing acceleration. Although they do not have all the amenities of modern super sport cars, have a lot to prove when speaks of the power and acceleration for the fraction of the cost of modern super sport vehicles.

Therefore, the "muscle" cars are so much in demand decades after they first came out from the product lines. In this article we bring you the 10 most most wanted classic cars.

Plymouth Roadrunner

Advertised as "muscle" car for the young, the Roadrunner was first introduced 1968th, and in production until the 1970. The price of the basic model at that time was only $ 3,000. He is known for his simple and not too exciting design. With a V8 engine that develops 383 horsepower and a top speed of over 220 km / h, it would have passed the quarter-mile for 13.5 seconds.

Buick GSX

The Buick Skylark was a medium-size car that was produced from in 1965, with an engine that was developed 335 horsepower. It was not enough and the Buick in 1970 the market ejected GSX model who from 7.5 liters develops 400 horsepower. All this resulted in a time of 13:38 seconds for the quarter mile.

Oldsmobile 442

Oldsmobile 442 (pronounced four - four - two) is an American automobile manufactured by the company's Oldsmobile, subsidiary of General Motors. It is presented as an option to already produced models of the F-85 and Cutllas. Manufacture and sale of Oldsmobile 442 lasted from 1964 do in 1971. year. L69 version developing 360 horsepower, which was enough for 14.8 seconds on the quarter mile.

Chevrolet Camaro

Produced from 1967. up to 1969. First, the sale was put Z-28 version, which is from 4.9 liters developing 290 horsepower. 1969 the market has been thrown version with an aluminum V8 engine which is delivering 500 horsepower, which led to the Camaro runs the quarter-mile in 13:16 seconds.

Plymouth Superbird 440

It is based on the model of the Roadrunner, but has been redesigned to meet the specific requirements of NASCAR. Superbird 440 was manufactured in 1971 with 440 Magnum V8 engine which is developing 375 horsepower. It was possible improvements by using a new carburetor or Hemi V8 engine which is developing 425 horsepower. In recent years, some models at auctions reach prices of over $ 100,000.

Dodge Charger R / T 440

Fans of movies and television remember him as the car from the hit series "The Dukes of Hazzard" and the greatest movie car chase ever, where he pursues Steve McQueen Ford Mustang in the classic film Bullit. Was sold at $ 3,500, and well preserved specimens achieve cost up to $ 170,000.

Pontiac GTO

The Pontiac GTO is one of the first classic car that has gained cult status. Produced from1964 up in 1969, with engines that are developing up to 360 horsepower. Today reaches cost up to $ 200,000. Name GTO has received from the Italian derivatives Gran Tourismo Omologato, which means it has been certified for racing in Gran Tourer class.

Chevrolets Chevelle

One of the most popular "muscle" cars, based on the 1961 Chevrolet Impala. Produced from 1966. until the 1970. The first model of the Super Sport 396 is produced in only 100 copy's. Today reaches price to $ 360,000. Model A 427 ─ćopo which was produced 320, was start productiong in 1969, and was equipped with a V8 engine volume 7.4 liters, which is developing 450 horsepower.

Plymouth Barracuda

First introduced in 1964, but interest was aroused enthusiasts only in 1970. The installation of the engine volume 7.2 liters, which is developing 390 horsepower. After that Plymouth introduce version of the Hemi engine block. Hemi-Cuda is developing 425 horsepower and caught 100 km / h in just 5.6 seconds. Manufactured by only a few hundred, and today the auction prices reaching up to $ 2,000,000.

Shelby Mustang GT500KR

Produced from1964 to 1968th. KR in the name means King of the road in its original version had a V8 engine that produced 360 horsepower. Today the Holy Grail is considered a unique model of the Shelby Super Snake who is estimated to reach a price of 5.5 million dollars. 


  1. Nice cars really pretty in design. These all companies efforts well to get fame i the automotive world and also get it. I like most of the one which is Chevrolet but all these muscle cars are very interesting and powerful. Good work done on this blog, its all about the muscle cars.However if you want to check the Vin of your car so have a look on vehicle identification number.

  2. The great article, thanks. All these muscle cars are for real mens. The pics are cool and these cars are real gems for automotive world. If you need to check vin number than it is better to use vin decoder to verify car history.

  3. I dont know who did the research on tge horsepower numbers but the roadrunner DID NOT HAVE 383 HP. Whoever put that needs an education!

  4. According to Wikipedia it had a 383 cubic inch engine that produced 340 horsepower. He wasn't far off

  5. The superbird wasn't released in 71 it was released in 70 and the daytona was in 69 in 71 the road runner was completely redesigned

  6. You forgot the 67 Nova!!!
    Maybe not everyone's go-to "Muscle Car" but it's my all time Favorite.


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