The Goonies are coming back!

Richard Donner, director of 'Goonies' from the 1985th these days signing autographs in Beverly Hills "released" excellent news for all those who grew up during the eighties and nineties . Yes, yes ... well you guessed , nearly thirty years after the original, it seems that soon starts shooting sequel of the legendary movie.Most of the cast can not wait to start shooting the sequel of the story about a group of kids who go in search of hidden treasure in order to save their town from a rich man who wants crumbled to the ground their neighborhood and there to make the golf course. The only obstacle could be problematic, Corey Feldman, talkative Clark from the movie, which can boast a solid addictive years of service , but also a host of Playboy bunnies that have swept through his bedroom.After the sudden international fame not all young actors equally succeed. Sean Astin , who played Mikey , asthmatics with braces in whose attic team found a hidden treasure map , today is best known for his role as Samwise Gamgee in 'Lord of the Rings'.
Josh Brolin, Mikey's older brother, Brandon, was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting role in the film 'Milk', and has starred in hits like "No Country for Old Men"and "True Gift". Although he achieved an enviable acting career, for years struggling with alcoholism and casual street fist fights with passersby.

Keri Green, Brandon sympathy Andy, can not boast major acting roles, but now owns a production house.

Martha Plimpton, unsightly Stef, won two Emmy Awards for role in the series 'Raising Hope', and Jeff Cohn, who played Chunk fat boy, now working as a lawyer specializing in the entertainment industry.

Jonathan Ke Quan, who starred in the blockbuster "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom", retreated from acting, and now works as an expert in martial arts and his knowledge is passing to the actors and stuntmen.

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