8 mandatory back workouts

mandatory back workouts
If you want to develop your back, this eight exercises should be an integral part of your training.

"How the exercise of rowing in the gym to make interesting and difficult? Try doing the reverse rowing!"


The classic exercise that is great for your back, especially for the lower back! Start with smaller weights to avoid injury and eventually increase the weight. Before you know it, you will raise a very large weight, and your back will be strong.


Exercise similar to "ordinary" deadlift, but in which besides the back muscles, also leg muscles work. The difference is that the weight is lifted only to the hip. As with deadlifts here also start with smaller weights until fully mastered the exercise. 

Chin-ups with hoops

Unfortunately, this phenomenal exercise it is harder to do, because not many gym or club have gymnastic rings. This exercise is usually better than regular pull-ups because it will retain the link in a quiet location and core work, and besides the muscles you will improve stability. 


How to practice paddling in the gym to make interesting and difficult? So you're doing the reverse rowing! Grab hold of the ropes, and lower your body so that your body is in a position of 45 degrees to the ground. Now lifted by pulling ropes, and back down to the starting position. In this exercise would work site muscle groups as well as with pushups, but at a much more intense way.

CROSSOWER pulldown

This exercise is otherwise known as Wolverine. Performed on the lat machine to stand upright on feet, left hand grasping the right cable, right grab left. Pulling stretched hands which strengthens the back muscles, arm and chest. In this case, forget about the weight, it is just to do as many reps. 


Behind this strange name (outlaw) lies strenuous exercise workout in which you start with less weight until it is mastered. Hold the pose for pushups, but with weights in your hands. Retaining the starting pose, raise your right hand and lift as much as you can to the shoulders. Alternate between hands. How exercise requirements and maintain stability, your core will work just as well as back muscles. 


Take the weight you use for the bench, and underneath strap wrapped a towel. Hold the position as the deadlift and using a towel lift weights. Do not go overboard with weights, because the goal here is to do as many repetitions to working muscles. 


Classic exercise you simply have to run if you wish to developed your back. Using a variety of positions and hand grip, you can more or less work on specific groups of muscles of your back. Keep in mind that only after each chin-up go down completely, so that your hands are fully stretched, to exercise had more effect. 


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