Ford Mustang - a special edition on the 50th anniversary of the legendary model

American "muscle car" icon, the Ford Mustang, a car that is craving a generation of men in the 2014th celebrates the 50th anniversary of the launch of the first model. On the occasion of this important anniversary, Ford in the New York Motor Show unveiled a special edition Mustang for the 2015th, which will be produced in only 1964 copies, and the lucky ones who will become owners of one of these copies, will drive the Mustang GT with a "performance" package.

Release 50th anniversary comes in two colors, and so potential owners will be able to choose between "Kona Blue" and "Wimbledon white" color, with a choice of manual or automatic transmission with six gears. Both versions come with aspirated V8 engine volume of 5.0 liters that develops 420 horsepower and 530 Nm of torque.

Special Edition Mustang you will be able to identify by details in the interior of the vehicle, and details will be made using leather and cashmere. Of course, in order to avoid confusion, the two-tone seats will be embroidered with the logo, and passengers at all times to know that they are in a special edition Mustang. In every vehicle on the passenger side of the dashboard will be put aluminum plate, and there will be the data on which the vehicle runs in the series.


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