Dear girls, if you want a relationship, this is our ten rules!

Men are simple. And because we are so simple, we will write you this brief and simple so that you literally understand. No philosophy. No complexities. This is our ten simple rules.

1. We do not read minds!

If you have something to say, say it! If it don't say it, I we don't know!

2. Crying is rude and considered blackmail!

Yeah, how sad. We would kill for you, steal, be hungry, sacrificed our life, in pain suffered a lifetime just for you stop being sad and to stop crying. It is killing us. And you? You know it. And exploits.

3. We do not get your hints

In life we often misjudged your actions and decided to respond only to the facts. If something bothers you, say it loud and clear.

4. Men have the ability to answer on complicated questions with yes or no

If you ask us do we love you, if you are still beautiful and sexyare we happy in this relationship and all that nonsense, do not be surprised when you get a simple answer. We have learned to answer to these questions easily, although it does not satisfy you, because any answer more detailed discussion is that we do not want and which could potentially cost us even more nervous.

5. When you ask us what we think about your problem, expect the solution.

For compassion, tears and pointless philosophizing you have your friends.

6. If the argument about something is over, then it is over.

Do not mention this to us after a few months if you want a cultural debate. Women have a strange habit of reminding us of the discussions and arguments that we have long forgotten and through which we have passed. If you want to put salt on old wounds and remind us on all errors that we all make, do not expect from us to sit and listen to it cold minded.

7. If the toilet seat is up, put it down. Some things about ourselves we can / want to change.

If little things like that bother you so much, it's time to move out.

8. If we say something that can be understood in two ways, we thought in the way that will not fuck you out.

I do not understand why some of our words always realize as an attack on you. It is not on our mind! We love you and care for you and do not want to annoy you, except in cases where it is needed!

9. We will never understand why every week you have to shopping.

Yes, you have too many clothes and shoes. Yesshopping annoy us. Yes, for these things you have a friend. Leave us alone!


10. If you ask us do I look fat, the answer is yes.

Why do we have to be blamed for this? Why do we have to hear that anger? 


  1. There where some good tips for women here, but please, SPELLING!! ( Correct spelling next time you deside to write something )

    1. you moan about spelling then spell decide

    2. Decide*....

  2. And its were and not where :-)

  3. The spelling and grammar is actually painful to read....

  4. i would like to say that some guys do need to be reminded to do alot of things and be thankful that they have there woman's in there life. some woman's are great they only want what's best for them. some of them are not the best choice.

  5. Some of the points in this article are useful but bad grammar and improper syntax make it almost unreadable unreadable. This clearly wasn't proof read

  6. Very good article yes, it is good to know of these issue and describe, so she will not to be angry. Thanks you, for writing.


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