10 greatest robbery of all time

Ten biggest heist of all time in which alienated incredible wealth.

Lufthansa Heist at Kennedy Airport
$ 5,875,000

Lucchese crime family in 1978 carried out the robbery in the cargo of Kennedy Airport.
Thanks to the fact that the employee in Kennedy airport owed to one member of the family $ 20,000 spent in gambling, Jimmy Burke, a business partner of the crime family learned that once a month the Lufthansa cargo compartment in the department is a large amount of cash and had planned the robbery in which in 64 minutes gone five million US dollars in cash and $ 875,000 in jewels. Six masked robbers in black van burst into in the cargo part of the airport, forcing guards to deactivate the silent alarm, took hostage the other security guards and employees of Lufthansa and stolen wealth. As for fear of retaliation to their families, none of the security guards did not want to testify, although one robber removed the mask during the robbery, the guilt was never proven and loot was never recovered.

Dunbar Plant armed robbery
$ 18,900,000
Armed robbery Dunbar plant in Los Angeles
is a robbery in which it has been taken the largest amount of cash on US territory. Plunder is planned Allen Pace, who was employed as an inspector in Dunbar security. Doing his job he had time to photograph everything and plan a march to the last detail. Has assembled a team of five other friends in the night of 13 September 1997, using the key, entered the plant. Precise timing security cameras, Pace and society have skillfully avoided them, simultaneously disabling the security guards. The vans were loaded wealth and fled. Suspicion first fell on Pace but the police failed to reveal anything. The robbers would probably pull, that one member of the gang did not pay friend bill with bills still wrapped around the company's ribbon. The offender was caught and soon sing. Allen Pace was sentenced to 24 years in prison and about $ 10 million to this day hasn't been found! 

Brinks Mat Storage Spoiled
$ 45 million

Six robbers in the night of 26 November 1983 from the warehouse Brinks Mata at Heathrow Airport in London abducted a large fortune in gold bars. The leader of the "project" was Brian Robinson, whose son-Anthony White was a security guard at the warehouse. Black supplied
Robinson with wrench and instruction where it is located. The robbers broke into the warehouse where they expected to find three million dollars but instead found ten tons of gold bullion. Stolen bars are melted and sold. Scotland Yard, however, quickly found a link between Robinson and the Black and the perpetrators were quickly caught. Robinson was sentenced to 25 years in prison and Black to six. Three tons of gold bars were never found and according to urban legend, every golden necklace in the UK consists of gold from that robbery. 

Blackmailed Directors Of Northern Bank
$ 50 million

One of the biggest robbery in the history of Great Britain took place on 20 December 2004 in Belfast, where the stolen 50 million. The police and the British and Irish governments are convinced that the robbery dun by members of the IRA, which threatened to end the truce. IRA and their political branch of Sinn Fein rejected the doubt.

Masked in police, the robbers were the night before the robbery entered the apartments of two directors and they kidnapped their wife's. Directors were threatened that they would, if they prevent unrestricted entry into the vaults, kill women. Both directors have agreed to and during the night the robbers entered the vault and took an enormous fortune. After the run, the directors women are released while the robbers fled without a trace. The identity of the robbers was never discovered nor riches ever found.

Tunnel in the Brazilian Central Bank
$ 69,800,000

Between six and ten burglars dug a 70-meter tunnel to the vault of the National Bank and claimed fifty containers which have contained nearly 70 million dollars in unmarked bills. Three months before the robbery that occurred on August 7, 2005, members of the "gang of tattooed" bought a house 70 meters away from the bank. During the three months digging a tunnel diameter of 70 centimeters, which was at a depth of four meters. The total weight of booty amounted to three and a half tons, and two months later, the body of the main planner of Luis Fernando Ribeiro was found on an island in front of the Rio
with seven gunshot wounds in the head! To date, caught a couple of Brazilians that helped dig the tunnel. For their part in the robbery were rewarded with a total of just under seven million, while the remaining 63 million still out of reach. 

The Great Train Robbery

$ 74 million

It sounds almost unbelievable that such a large amount can be steal without the use of a gun, but that is exactly what happened on August 8, 1963 in the greatest robbery of the train of all the time. Royal Mail train from Glasgow - London robbed the 15 men who plundered 2,300,000 pounds, which in present value amounts to 74 million dollars, all in denominations of 1, 5 and 10 pounds. Thirteen robbers were discovered thanks to the discovery of their footprints in the stronghold, while the two were never detected. From thirteen convicted, the two managed to escape from prison and have some time hiding in Brazil and Australia before they were discovered and captured.

Kidnapped Manager Forced to Help Robbers
$ 92.500.00

Robbery Kent Securitas
warehouse took place in the early hours of 22 February 2006 in which the largest amount of cash stolen from the UK. At least six attackers hijacked the manager and threatened his family, committed 14 employees and hijacked 92.5 million.

Manager who was returning home from work the day before the robbery, kidnapped by robbers, who, disguised as police officers stopped him, handcuffed and taken to an abandoned farm. At the same time, the same way they abducted his wife and daughter. The manager was forced to reveal the codes and the robbers broke into the warehouse, committed employees and fled with the loot. Once one employee managed to free himself, raised the alarm, employees are freed, found the manager and family but the robbers were never found.

Knightsbridge Deposit decline
$ 111000000

Two burglars entered on 12 July 1987 in Knightsbridge bank wishing to store their belongings in safe deposit. After them the manager took the security deposit, the robbers pulled out a weapon, committed managers and security guards. At the door, they put the label that the deposit is currently out of order and began searching for a deposit. From deposits escaped with 40 million pounds of the then value. An hour later, a security guard was able to break free and Scotland Yard has found footprints that led to the Italian immigrant Valerio Vicceia. Viccei and a couple of his aides were convicted, but has become so famous that he wrote a book about the robbery!

Art theft from the Boston Museum
$ 300,000,000

A few hours after the celebration of St. Patrick's in 1990, the two attackers disguised as policemen managed to get into the museum and take pictures worth a whopping $ 300 million! Although the policy of the museum is to in the middle of the night the doors do not open not even to God himself, the night watchman opened the door to "policemen" who had passed him out and tied, just like two of his colleagues. In 90 minutes burglars broke into the
Netherlands room and stole three Rembrandts, five Degas sketches and one Manteo, Vermeer and Flinck. They tried to steal a Rembrandt and fourth but failed. Images are torn from the frame and are thus damaged and robbers before they escaped stolen tapes that are leaving a security camera recordings. To date, the works have not been found and the museum failed to collect insurance money after the miraculously works were not insured! 

Theft From Central Iraqi bank
$ 1 billion

In March 2003, on several occasions, just before the US attack on Iraq, the Iraqi Central Bank in Baghdad had been stolen about a billion dollars, which is the biggest theft from banks in the history of the world. About $ 650 million was later found in the walls of Saddam's palace but the rest was never recovered. Witnesses said that the $ 920 million in notes of the 100 unloaded in Saddam's palace for five hours.

Diyala Habib al-Khayoun, bank manager also confirmed that unknown perpetrators, who are not associated with Saddam, stole another 250 million dollars.


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