Deadliest aircraft's today

Killer combat aircraft's are still the coolest weapons of any battlefields.

Su-35 Flanker E

The most modern version of the best Russian aircraft of all time brought an even greater range, lower radar reflection, more powerful engines, a new, cutting-edge, digital avionics and watch now this - a radar that looks back! Given that the price between 45 and 65 million dollars, which was considerably less in in comparisons with similar Western aircraft, expected to successful sales in foreign markets. In addition to Russia's interest have shown, India, Venezuela, China and Indonesia.

Country of origin: Russia, year of entry into service: 2010, Weight with max. weapons: 25,300 kg, Maximum speed: Mach 2.25.

F-16 Fighting Falcon

The most popular aircraft of today's is Viper, to over 20 customers around the world there are over 4,500 copies. Originally designed as a light-attack aircraft for attacks on ground targets per day, F-16 is due to its characteristics quickly turned into a multipurpose aircraft that at night destroys their targets by large selection of available arsenal. There is no war in which it was not used successfully.

Country of origin: USA, year of entry into service: 1978, Weight with max. weapons: 19.020 kg, Top speed: Mach 2.5.

F-15E Strike Eagle

Attack version of the legendary fighter proved to be equally successful in attacks on ground targets as well as attacks on other aircraft. He hunted SCUD's in Iraq, bombed Taliban strongholds in Afghanistan, attacked the airport in Serbia and destroy tanks in Libya. Selection of the arsenal and the quantity it can take is amazing, the Strike Eagle today, rightly, consider as the most perfect killing machine.

Country of origin: USA, year of entry into service: 1988, Weight with max. weapons: 36.700 kg, Top speed: 2.50 Mach.

F-35 Lightning II

The latest project of the US Air Force is Lightning, which should replace the F-16s. Specificity is the ability of aircraft taking off and landing like a helicopter, which allows him to land and take off from anywhere. It will be manufactured in three versions - a standard version, version for short launches and landings and naval variant for use on aircraft carriers. It is planned to produce 2,500 copies at a cost of over $ 125 million per copy!!!

Country of origin: USA, year of entry into service: 2016, Weight with max. weapons: 22,470 kg, Maximum speed: Mach 1.60.

JAS 39 Gripen

Together with IKEA-TV, Absolut Vodka, hockey and blondes, Gripen is the most famous Swedish export product. Extremely capable aircraft did not experience greater export success because his competition is F-16, which has a lot stronger logistics, and his government pressure the customers. In service in Sweden, South Africa, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Country of origin: Sweden, year of entry into service: 1996, Weight with max. weapons: 14,000 kg, Maximum speed: Mach 2.

Eurofighter Typhoon

A joint project of the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy, had dragged over the years that it was thought that the whole thing will collapse. However, after much delay the first aircraft in 2003 finally began to enter the weapons. In the cockpit Typhoon are the most modern systems, such as voice control, but all of this is resulting in a price of $ 120 million per copy. Quite apart from the three mentioned countries have procured it, and Austria, Spain and Saudi Arabia.

Country of origin: United Kingdom, Germany and Italy, year of entry into service: 2003, Weight with max. weapons: 23,500 kg, Maximum speed: 2.00 Mach.

MiG-35 Fulcrum F

The most modern version of the legendary MiG-29 fighter turns this into an extremely capable multi-purpose aircraft. Special attention is given its most advanced AESA radar (Active Electronically Scanned Array) and adding more powerful engines improved range and mobility.

Country of origin: Russia, year of entry into service: 2007, Weight with max. weapons: 29,700 kg, Maximum speed: Mach 2.25.

F-22 Raptor

Definitely the most modern aircraft of today is intended primarily hunting opponent aircraft's. The weapons carried in special containers and is less visible on the radar of seagull, and all avionics and electronics installed in the aircraft are the pinnacle of technology. Due to the exorbitant price of $ 150 million per copy, procurement of only 187 aircraft and despite the interest of Israel, the export is not allowed because of the confidentiality of certain parts of the aircraft!

Country of origin: USA, year of entry into service: 2005, Weight with max. weapons: 36,228 kg, Maximum speed: Mach 1.90.

F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

The latest version of the Hornet, called the Super Hornet, from use is pushed out legendary Tomcat. Although, as efficiency is concerned, does not offer more than Tomcat, the Super Hornet is streamlined and use of only one type on aircraft carriers reduce costs. This veteran of the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya has proven to be very successful and effective.

Country of origin: USA, year of entry into service: 1999, Weight with max. weapons: 29,937 kg, Maximum speed: Mach 1.80.

Dassault Rafale

The French simply have to have their own product, even out in the early stages of the projects Eurofighter and Rafale, delta wing aircraft inherited Mirage 2000.  In the end, produced him before Birtanaca and at a lower cost, and some will say that the Rafale is even better than the Eurofighter. If anything, it looks a lot nicer.

Country of origin: France, year of entry into service: 2000, Weight with max. weapons: 324,500 kg, Top speed: 2.00 Mach.

NOTE: Russian Sukhoi T-50 has not yet entered into service and therefore is not on this list. 


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