Instagram Girls Try Their Hand at Being International Cocaine Smugglers, and It Didn't Go So Well

Two girls from Quebec, threatened with life imprisonment in Australia after police found in their bags cocaine worth more than $ 30 million, on social media looked like the have time of their life. 

Melina Roberge and Isabelle Lagace, both in their 20s have spent the past two months on MS Sea Princess, a huge luxury cruise ship carrying 2,000 passengers from Southampton in the UK to Sydney in Australia. Cruise tickets costing 20,000 dollars.

But when the two women came to Sydney, Australian police in their luggage, and luggage of 63-year-old Andre Jorge Tamina, also from Quebec, found more than 90kg of cocaine. Authorities still have not confirmed an association of two women and a gentleman. All three were charged with importation of a commercial quantity of cocaine and if convicted, could receive a life sentence. 

This is the largest drug seizure ever in Australia via ship or plane.
Before they were caught, the girls have documented the entire journey on Instagram and Facebook. Enjoyed in Times Square in New York City, pile of coconuts in French Polynesia, drinking in Ireland.

Melina Roberge, August 4 post selfie on the quad in Paracas, Peru. "It's absolutely crazy!" she wrote in the description of the photos on Facebook hashtag #bucketlist #quad. Among other things, they visited Chile, Ecuador and Bermuda.  

According Melina Roberge Facebook, she worked in the jeweler shop Pandora in Montreal. Isabelle Lagace profile is private.

On Saturday, the day before arrest,
Roberge post photo with the words "When you wake up and you need a nap." On Tuesday morning, followers commented on photo "what you mean girl" with #prisonavie. 

Magazine Journal de Montreal reported that the Canadian border police were in touch with their American counterparts before the cruise docked in Sydney. Three suspects were identified as passengers of "high risk".

"The smuggling gangs should know that the Australian border police aware of all the ways you try to bring drugs. We work with many international agencies to prevent trafficking," said a representative of the Australian police Clive Mari.

It is known that in Australia cocaine is much more expensive, five times more expensive than in Canada, which made the seizure on the border have risen sharply in recent years. 


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