5 mistakes that men make with a new suit

The suits are the best friend of every business man. A good suit will make from you business, serious and influential man who is ready to do great deeds. Therefore, men often buy different suits to always be ready for different occasions.

However, there are a few things that you should look for when buying a new suit ...

1. Stitched pockets
Those who often buy suits know they are always come with sewn up pockets and that can not be used immediately. Creators sewing up pockets to protect suits and prevent damage. When you buy suit, you have to carefully cut the thread that connects pockets. This is probably the biggest mistake that men make, because in this way you can damage and destroy the suit.

2. Leave Your Functioning Cuff Buttons Undone

Remember this rule, the last button always remains intact. This is a rule which has become settled in all business men. If you pay attention, you will see that we are right. The last button should always be free, so take care not to make this mistake.

3. Do not remove the shoulder stitches
If on your suit you notice white stitches, leave them. They are there intentionally left behind in case you need to go to the tailor, a tailor would make adjustments to its fit on your body with temporary ‘baste’ stitches, which would be removed when the suit was permanently altered. If you remove the stitches, his job will only be more difficult.

4. Iron it after the first wearing
If you are expecting that a long period of time, wear a suit, it's only natural that it will eventually wrinkle, but the board can damage the fibers of clothes and to destroy suit. Therefore, let gravity do its part. Just hang a suit and it will be corrected after a few days. For anything more stubborn, pass a handheld steamer over the arms and legs. Avoid steaming the chest – on cheaper suits it can melt the glue that holds the canvas in place, which harms the structure and can cause bubbling in the fabric.

5. Cheap coat hangers

Too small or too broad hangers can lead to damage suits. Coat hanger must be as broad as the shoulders of the suit, and therefore always buy coat hanger that match your new set.


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