Science Confirms: The Bigger The Belly, The Better The Lover

We are sure that you like most men believe that skinny men do better in bed and thus satisfy a woman. However, it seems that the situation is completely different in reality. Turkish scientists have conducted a variety of research to determine which men are better in the bed.
The lean and obese men have undergone the same tests and the results obtained by scientists were quite shocking. 
Men who have had a "beer" belly proved to be far better lovers and their duration in bed was much longer. The women said that fatter men left a better impression and they'd be happy to do it again with them.
 For such good results that have achieved thicker men credited their "love cushion" to help them to achieve the right balance of hormones.
Men with overweight have an increased level of the female hormone estradiol, which is a form of estrogen, and scientists believe that just these hormones affect the brain of men, and regulate premature ejaculation.
Therefore men consider carefully whether you want to get rid of your "love cushion".


  1. Wow now you can be a better lover and a diabetic, have heart issues poor health and a be better lover,what a crock. Go to the gym loose the gut live longer and stronger. Plus have a great sex life to boot.

  2. You're gonna look awful stupid laying in the hospital dying from nothing

  3. Turbo is bang on. 10 year old story, since debunked. Fat guys vs men with premature ejaculation. Reality is fat guys have poorer performance, poorer blood flow, etc. etc. That is if they can attract anyone or find their dicks buried in all that flab. Maybe they should fly to Turkey, they can have a shot with the women surveyed. I bet they're all very attractive...

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