The most beautiful women of the 21st century

At a time of technology, media and cosmetic surgery, it is normal to see exotic Amazonian that walk the streets. However, did you ever wondered who are the most beautiful women in the world. Since the answer to this question is very difficult to find, we decided to explore a bit and we think we have found the answer.

Website "Bright Side" made the list, which includes the most beautiful women of the 21st century. We looked at the list and agreed with them, so we decided to share it with you.

These are the most beautiful women of the 21st century:

Monica Bellucci

Mila Kunis

Angelina Jolie

Penelope Cruz

Scarlett Johansson

Jennifer Aniston

Megan Fox

Selma Hayek

Christina Hendricks

Jennifer Lopez

Christina Aguilera

Gisele Bundchen


Natalie Portman

Eva Mendes

Kate Moss

Katherine Heigl

Olivia Wilde

Charlize Theron

Nicole Kidman


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