Why Does My Dog Stare At Me When He Poops?

All dog owners know that during a walk with their pets sometimes things get out of control ... At one point, everything is normal, but in the second they their dogs start to do very strange thing.

Do you have a dog that you walk regularly, nurture and look? It must have happened the following situation: you walk, all well and good until at one time your dog look deep, deep into your eyes ... while poop.

Dogs feel very vulnerable while pooping, because while pooping are not able to quickly react to danger. Before people domesticated them, dogs lived in packs like wolves, and relied on the assistance of the pack to survive

Today people are their pack, while poops they feel really vulnerable, so instinctively look at people expecting that we will in the event of danger to warn on time, they will respond in a timely manner and avoid danger.


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