Science Tells Us Why Girl's Nipples Get Hard

Erect nipples always draw our attention, although it is a misconception that erect nipples are an indication that a woman is sexually aroused. (In other words, just because she’s got erect nipples doesn’t necessarily mean she’s raring to go!) Nipples become erect for many reasons, some of which are not sexual in nature, like if you are cold, or if they get sensation from your clothing rubbing on them. And sometimes a woman’s nipples may not be erect even when she is sexually excited. 

#1 Sexual Arousal

Perky nipples are a sign of fertility and desire. It's like saying, "Hey look at how easily I will be able to breastfeed your baby. Do me!"

#2 When It Gets Cold...Goosebumps!

When our ancestors were cold they would get goosebumps to raise their fur up, creating a velvety layer of warmth. Most of us are more or less fur free, but the ability to get goosebumps - including hard nipples maintained until today..
#3 Tiny Tense Muscles

In addition, the areolae (the colored area around the nipple) has the smooth muscle cells that contract when stimulated. Cold weather, or some other stimulation, can contract the muscle, causing the skin to pucker inward while the nipples stick out, as well as the rest of our muscles. Brrr!!!

#4 What it All Means...

Girl's nipples get hard because they really, really want you to try to Google that question. No, really. That's why!

#5 Keep Up.


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