Children who grow up with pets are healthier

Recent medical research has shown this ...

Many parents have preconceived notions about animals and think that they are unsafe and dirty and that small babies should not be in their environment, however, doctoral studies have shown that staying babies with animals can only benefit them.

When they are small, babies strengthen their immune systems and become accustomed to various bacteria and external influences. When they are in too clean environments, babies can then develop a weak immune system, which can later cause them to be painful in their mature years. However, when babies are in the presence of animals, they develop a stronger immune system and also have greater resistance to allergies.

Babies who grew up with cats or dogs had as much as 70% stronger immune systems than babies who grew up without animals, indicating that animals are good for their growth and development and that you need to teach infants to be good to animals and that they should feel comfortable in their presence.  


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