The best Hollywood actors who have never won an Oscar

Although by many they are the best actors on the planet, they have not yet won the famous golden statue ..

The Oscar is the biggest and most prestigious acting award, but the fact is that many Hollywood legends do not yet have the famous golden statue that you have to have a big luck factor to win it.

We have decided to introduce to you actors who have not yet won an Oscar. Hopefully, by the end of their careers, they will make it and that each of them will have at least one Oscar in their glass cases.

Samuel L. Jackson

Joaquin Phoenix

Keanu Reeves

Robert Downey, Jr.

Mel Gibson

Hugh Jackman

Harrison Ford

Johnny Depp

Matt Damon

Edward Norton

Ian McKellen

Clinton Eastwood

Brad Pitt



  1. Wow so many great actors...And they've played some really amazing characters, several of them..I wish them all good luck on getting one next time around...

  2. I love the list. Out beloved meme king Leo won his Oscar, let make other actors meme until they got one!
    Just kidding, many actors of this list deserve more than an Oscar. No one who love watching movie doesn't know their name.


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