Here's what Elon Musk asks people who want to work for him

Elon Musk doesn't matter if you graduated college, but how you think ... 

The CEO and founder of Tesla Company is increasingly the main topic of much conversation, and the reason for this is that this man has upgraded and revolutionized electric cars. He also founded SpaceX, where he has produced very impressive results in space exploration and cheap space travel.

Because he runs two huge companies, Elon is constantly looking for people he wants to hire and expects to help him grow his business and provide people with a better future. He says it doesn't matter if someone has graduated from college, but logical thinking, and that everything else can be learned easily with good mentors.

The Mask has become popular for putting puzzles on its future workers, and here's one that has recently made it to the public. "You're on the surface of the Earth. You're going one mile south, one mile west and one mile north. You end up in the same place you started. Where are you?"

Those who succeed in answering this question have a great chance of working for Mask, because in this way they show good thinking and logic, and if you are interested, the answer to the question is NORTH POL.  


  1. No,the answer is the surface of the Earth. It tells you where you are in the first sentence.


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