What martial arts gives you the most protection on the street?

Most people train martial arts for self-defense ...

As you may know, there are a huge number of different martial arts, but the question is, are all martial arts effective and can they really help you defend yourself in a street fight or when you are suddenly attacked?

The answer is NO!

There are skills that simply cannot prepare you for real-life situations that happen on the street and are likely to hurt you. An example of this are Eastern skills like aikido, kung fu and similar skills.

The problem with these skills is that they have remained originally the same since they were created. Also, these skills require you to learn movements and procedures that require your opponent to stand in a certain position and attack you in a certain way in order to defend yourself. Some skills require several movements to make a simple attack, which is very complicated and difficult to apply in reality.

The greatest fighters and martial arts experts say that the best and most realistic skills are those that prove useful in the martial ring and octagon. So, if you are watching MMA, and UFC fights, all the techniques used here are useful and can help you defend yourself, as they prove to be the best in situations that are most realistic for a street fight.

So boxing, jiu jitsu, wrestling, kickboxing, certain karate kicks, judo, krav maga, certain taekwondo kicks and of course mixed martial arts are the ones that can allow you to defend yourself against attackers.

Bruce Lee, one of the greatest legends of modern times, coached kung fu for years, telling himself that such a skill could not be realistically used in real street fighting, so he created a skill called jeet kune do, which was the forerunner of modern MMA style.

In the video clip below, take a look what happens when aikido master meets a professional MMA fighter. You will see for yourself that his wrist-throwing and throwing techniques can hardly serve when your opponent kicks and hits you in the head and body. 


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