Here's what a perfect driving position looks like

Here's how you should sit when driving your car ...

This time we will show you how you should sit in your vehicle and how you should position your seat, steering wheel, and head rest to make it better to ride, but also safer.

First of all, the seat of your car must be positioned so that your legs are in a slightly bent position. So your knees must be slightly bent when on pedals. If your legs are fully extended when you press the pedals, then that means your seat is too far and you need to get closer.
The hands, when resting on the steering wheel, must form a 90 degree angle between the forearm and the upper arm. If your arms are too stretched or bent, this means that your position is not good and you will not be effective in driving.

You also need to adjust the steering wheel height, so that you can see the dashboard through the upper steering wheel opening. If the steering wheel obscures the dashboard, that means its position is not good.
Lastly, the head rest should be tightly attached to your head, because if too far from your head, injury can occur when colliding or stopping abruptly.

Take a look at the clip that will show you how to position yourself properly and sit in your vehicle:
 Video source: 9gag


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