Myths about virgins that are not true

A large number of myths still follow girls who have no sexual experience ...

Although we have all been virgins at some point in our lives, virgins in "serious" years are usually said to be strange and have special desires and needs. Although we do not want to say which years are the best for "removing the darkness", we can only say that society treats individuals who are virgin at the age of 25+ more strangely.

Girls are usually on the wallpaper, and the myths that follow virgins are to blame for that. Yet a large number of myths are simply not true.

08. Virgos are boring

You must have heard this. Although a girl may not have had sexual experience, that does not mean that she does not have a life and does not know how to
enjoy. A large number of girls go out to pubs and clubs, but some can still boast of their "virginity". So don’t let someone’s virginity push you away. Maybe you will be the "Mr. Right".

07. Virgos do not watch porn movies

Of course, another wrong assumption. Due to the fact that they did not have sexual intercourse, it is automatically considered that they reject any thought of sex. That is completely wrong. A large number of girls admitted to watching adult movies, even though they still did not have a real sexual experience. Remember yourself in your younger days.

06. There are fewer male virgins

The opinion that men are burdened with sex has become an established and accepted opinion, however, studies from 2009 showed that some men, just like women, want to wait with sexual intercourse and do not want to rush.

05. Virgos are waiting for marriage

Since marriage was the main cause of this for religious and patriarchal reasons, that belief has remained to this day. However, this is not the main reason why girls refuse to have sex. They say they want the right man, in the right place and with the right emotions.

04. Virgos cannot experience an orgasm

Well of course they can. An orgasm does not require a partner, and men know this best. Since we have already said that they watch adult movies, it is not surprising that they sometimes include masturbation in that combination.

03. Virgos get too attached

Men often avoid virgins because they think that if they have not had sexual intercourse so far, then it means that they have a problem. The most common opinion is that they are too attached and that the problem is to "unhook them" later. However, the matter is completely different. Even though they are virgins, they are women, and women have the same mindset, it is simply so. None of them will allow you to treat them with disrespect, so they may be the ones to break up. They are all different in their own way, but "temper is a woman's hard work".

02. Virgos provide the best oral sex

This is also very wrong. The very fact that they are virgin says that they have not had numerous sexual experiences, so how then can they provide the best oral sex. Although there are virgins who enjoy this type of sex, there are few of them, and men say that those who have a little more experience are better, which is normal.

01. Virgos are super religious

We have already said that everything started because of religion, but this custom has changed drastically. Virgos are no longer so religious, and some do not even believe in God.


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