Research has shown: Women are into men with beards

Maybe this is the reason why more and more men are growing beards ...

Beards have always been a symbol of masculinity and strength and separated men from women. However, today, beards are gaining another characteristic and are slowly becoming a fashion detail that makes men look more attractive and sexy.

A recent study in Finland aimed to determine whether bearded men are more attractive and whether women prefer men with a smooth or bearded face. About 8,500 women were surveyed and based on their answers, the scientists came to the following conclusions:

70% of women surveyed said that they adore men with beards because they look stronger, more masculine and more attractive thanks to their beards. Also, women said that men who have a beard spend more time in the bathroom, care more about their appearance and pay more attention to hygiene, which makes them even more perfect.

However, members of the fairer sex said that not every beard is attractive and that they are only attracted to men who maintain their beard. Men who are messy and who have a neglected shapeless beard by no means attractive and they say that men who do not know how to maintain their beard should not even have it.

Research has shown that the beard also has a psychological effect on women and subconsciously tells them that a man is fertile, strong, that he is an alpha male and that a woman will be protected with him and be able to start a family, which is another reason why women are thrown into the arms of bearded men.

So, if you haven't had much luck in love and love affairs so far, then grow your beard and maybe that will be the solution to your problems.


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