The first Drive-Thru strip club in the world

The Portland strip club decided to delight men during the COVID-19 pandemic in a slightly different way...

Due to the large number of people infected in America, places like strip clubs had to close. This led the owner of a strip club to come up with an ingenious solution. This man made the first strip club to have Drive-Thru, which means you can get into it with your vehicles and enjoy the dancing of attractive dancers through the window of your cars at a safe distance.

However, that's not all. As everyone was used to Drive-Thru places having food, this strip club decided to include a menu of very tasty food. Called "Food 2 Go-Go," this club became a real hit in Oregon, and people from all over America decided to visit this place and enjoy great food and breathtaking dancers.

What do you think, could such a business succeed in your country?



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