Why women like rough sex

Although everyone associates this with sadomasochistic adventures, rough play in bed is a completely normal occurrence ...

The desire for rough sex is not as uncommon as you think. Old Hindu texts and the ancient book Kama Sutra represented a rough sexual game even before Christ. So, it seems that people have been practicing rough play in bed since ancient times. However, the question arises why?

It is not so strange for men to like things like this because they are the stronger sex, so rough play suits them, but sometimes we wonder, why do women like to be hit or pulled by the hair?
A similar question was asked by many scientists who came up with the answer.
A direct link has been found between physical pain and sexual pleasure. So, your brain reacts to certain types of pain with sexual arousal and desire. This can be compared to normal sex. Although men do not feel great pain during sex, for women this experience can be quite painful, but they still enjoy it. Thus, the brain registers pain and turns it into pleasure. This is why some women want and love rough play in bed.
Surveys have shown that women prefer hair pulling, gentle strangulation, slapping and biting.
Of course, it's all a matter of taste and desire, and some women won't find themselves in this, but scientists say that no woman can resist a mild rough game. So even though your partner tells you she doesn’t like it, a slight bite or hair pull will still excite her.

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