Girls reveal: Why anal sex is better than vaginal

We found a very interesting poll that revealed why some girls prefer different types of sex ...

Anal sex is often treated as a taboo topic and is regarded by many people as an unnatural and strange way of making love. However, there are also people who enjoy this type of sex and say that this is a liberating and different way that makes sex different, more intimate, but also more exciting.

What many people dislike about anal sex and why they condemn others who practice it is because they consider it to be a "dirty", unhygienic and painful way of making love that has no point.

However, girls responding to one poll in USA explained why anal sex is good and why it's better than classic.

1. "There are a huge number of nerve endings in the anal opening that make the orgasm completely different even stronger."

2. "Anal orgasm is much more intense than vaginal"
3. "I won't get pregnant"

4. "My partner loves it, and I love it when he is happy."

5. "Studies have shown that women have an anal orgasm 30% more easily, as opposed to a vaginal one."

6. "Anal opening is narrower, which makes sex different"

7. "Better Affiliation"

8. "Ability to use different sex toys that further enhance sex"


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