10 extinct animals that scientists want to bring back to life

The evolutionary process itself has led to the extinction of a huge number of animal species. However, in the last 100 years, humans, with their influence and carelessness towards the planet, have also killed and exterminated hundreds of other animals that no longer walk our planet, and which inhabited it before us.

This has forced scientists to make the most of today's technology and to try to bring some of these animals back to life. This is possible by redesigning DNA strands and replicating them. Technology has become so advanced that now certain information can be written into DNA and thus bring back to life the animal species that once lived.

To achieve this, scientists need to possess the DNA of animals that were once alive. Until recently, some animals were with us, so their DNA was well preserved, while some other animals were found in the form of fossils, from which the DNA was extracted.

Scientists have now made a list of 10 animals that are likely to return in the next 20 years, and here are the species in question:

Chinese river dolphin


Pyrenean ibex


Elephant bird



 Tasmanian tiger

Giant sloth


Dodo bird




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