Is the WD-40 really that efficient?

See how the popular spray lubricates screws ...


The WD-40 is probably one of men's favorite "tools" and we're sure most of you own it. This spray is a great degreaser that is used in most cases to unscrew rusty screws and lubricate old joints.

However, we wondered, how effective is WD actually and does it actually help to unscrew corroded screws?

We found a video clip that gives us the answer to that question. On the Youtube channel "Project Farm" we had the opportunity to see how WD-40, but also other contact sprays and degreasers go through corroded curves of screws and how they actually help us unscrew them.

You can also see comparisons between them in the clip, although our focus was mostly on WD spray, because we can buy it in almost every store.


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