How do astronauts sleep in space?

Have you ever wondered this?

We all know that astronauts located in space stations far above our planet are in a weightless state. Up, they have no weight, and do not fall into the strong gravitational field of the Earth that pulls them down. They have no sense of what is up and what is down and have the ability to float.

Due to weak gravity, astronauts, like all things in space stations, float and float through space in all directions. While this feeling of hovering initially brings incredible joy and a sense of freedom, things like brushing your hair and teeth, and even sleeping, can be a real nightmare for astronauts.

That is why one of the most famous astronauts, Chris Hadfield, demonstrated how he and his colleagues sleep in a weightless state. Chris created a Youtube channel dedicated to videos like this, where he shows how astronauts do everyday and ordinary things.

Since outside of Earth's gravity, astronauts have no sense of what's up and what's down, they sleep tied to walls. Chris says that the feeling is amazing and that you don't even need a pillow in space, because you are floating. Your neck is completely relaxed, as are all the muscles in your body. All you have to do is tie yourself up so that you don't float and hit the walls of the ship. He said that in the beginning you need to go through a little getting used to it, but after a couple of days, you realize that sleeping in space is the best thing you can feel.

Watch a video to demonstrate this:



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