Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

If they are not given a lot of attention and quality training, these dogs can seriously endanger human life ...

A dog is definitely a man's best friend. They have been walking together for thousands of years as an indication that two different races can function perfectly. However, we must not forget that dogs originated from much more dangerous animals and that these instincts are still hidden in them.

Before we start with our list, we must mention one thing - THE AGGRESSIVENESS OF YOUR DOG WILL BE EXCLUSIVELY YOUR FAULT.

The breeds that we will list have a tendency and attributes of aggressive animals, but with good training and proper socialization, these dogs can be the greatest good bois.

Here are the dogs in question:


01. Pitbull  

Although pit bulls can be easily trained and taught the basic rules, these dogs are responsible for the most deaths in the world. That is why they come first. These are great friends and very obedient dogs, but if you don't pay enough attention to them, they can seriously hurt you.


02. Rottweiler  

Roths are definitely one of the best guards. They are very territorial, so that can be a problem. If you disturb their territory, your friends and other dogs can become their victims. That is why they have to learn discipline. Socialization is also crucial.


03. Husky  

Although they look smooth and soft, these dogs can be very awkward. They are more dangerous to other dogs than to humans. It is very difficult to train them because they are very stubborn, so if you are someone who buys the first dog, then avoid this breed. 


04. German Shepherd  

After the border collie and poodle, the German Shepherd is the smartest breed of dog. They are great friends, they are loyal and they are among the best guardians. However, socializing and getting to know other animals and people is crucial if you don't want them be aggressive. GSD who spend time in the yard tend to be aggressive. 


05. Malamute  

The Malamute is a breed that is very energetic, but they often transfer that energy into aggression. That is why training is of key importance for this breed. The problem is that they are very slow learners, so you will have to pay a lot of attention to them if you want to teach them the basic commands. 


06. Doberman  

Dobermans are known as great guardians and protectors. Their beauty and grace are also among the main attributes, but they are also classified as more aggressive breeds of dogs. They are incredibly intelligent and can learn many different commands. Socialization is crucial because they will later become very aggressive towards other dogs. 


07. Chow Chow  

If you have ever wanted a lion for a pet, then a chow chow is a great replacement. They are definitely one of the most aggressive dogs in the world. You have to pay a lot of attention to them, and training will not be an easy job either. 


08. Great Dane  

These giant dogs are also called gentle giants. They know how to be amazing cuddles and great friends, but if you don't socialize them in time, they will become aggressive towards people and other animals. 


09. Boxer 

In the United States, the boxer is the 6th most popular breed of dog. They became popular after World War II when soldiers brought them home. These German dogs are loyal friends and amazing guardians, but if they are not taken into account, they can be very dangerous and inconvenient. 


10. Akita  

The Akita is a dog that is becoming increasingly popular. This Japanese breed is beautiful and very demanding when it comes to training. Precisely because he is a very stubborn dog, he can be both very aggressive and disobedient. They are fearless and are never afraid. If they train properly they will be a loyal friend who will never leave you. 


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