New Batman will be black, DC Comics announces

DC Comics company has officially announced that the next Batman is Tim Fox ...

Most people are familiar with Batman from movies we have seen in several interpretations so far, but comics offer us huge universes in which there are different Batmans.

The DC company, this time brought a big change and decided to put Tim Fox, the son of Lucius Fox, who is a great friend of Bruce Wayne and who is the director of his company, in Batman's shoes.

Some of the fans were angry because they did not want Bruce Wayne to be removed, but the DC said that it was another universe and that only in it would Batman be black. Wayne is alive in other universes and still holds the title of Dark Knight.

A similar situation happened with Spider-Man, who became an African-American in a parallel universe, of Spanish origin, named Miles Morales.

Black Batman will appear on sale in the form of a new comic, and the first edition will arrive on January 5, 2021.


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