Wolf man's best friend, true story

The story of an old man, loyalty and immense love for animals, and death that is caused due to incorrect conclusions.
When the state decided that the old shepherd , who is more than 70 years dedicated to keeping sheep, award an honorary pension for his birthday, reporters asked the old man to tell them some important event of his rich life experience.

The old man again defended that he is an ordinary shepherd and was embarrassed that came even get those who are not in a dream one would hope, let alone to someone will write about him in the newspapers that he, as illiterate as he was, was only known to exist.

Journalists as journalists, attacked like wasps, they would not just leave, simple old man eventually relented and began the story.

When I was twenty years old I found in the woods a little frail puppy, it was abandoned so I just took him without thinking. Already after a couple of days he stole my heart. I dragged him with me everywhere, shared with him all i had. Pooch advanced pretty good.

However the villagers were teasing me saying it was a wolf, and that I should kill him because it would be a big evil.

How could I listen to them when he was dear to my heart?

The dog became husky, great, and if I sometimes forgot something in the village, I feel free to let him go, telling him to bring me that. It was a very smart dog and helped me in keeping sheep.

One late summer afternoon the sky is somehow pressed. It was clear, but the air was heavy, as if it's going to rain. I went into the hut in the mountains, where there was a tor for sheep that are there resting overshadowed by a couple of trees. As soon as I lay down on the bed, my eyes alone closed.

I do not know how long I lay there, just something startled me out of a dream! Some gurgling and growling! Everything was kind of muffled, so I was not sure whether I was asleep or awake. I went out to see what happens though . Hut door facing west.
At the direction of the sun is my dog sitting. Its snout was covered in blood, and that he was facing  side, the sun shone through his eyes. As instead eyes he had two embers. It all seemed so unreal even more, which is in front of him, there are still a bunch of hot meat from the bygone life. I immediately realized what had happened... I went quiet and cold in the cabin and took a rifle over the door and come out again.

I raised my rifle slowly, took aim at the head of my wolf. He did not move. As if he felt guilty that he gambled away my trust which I have put into it. I pulled the trigger and he fell.

In order to somehow save what can be saved, I went to the village by one of the villagers and the car. I was a bit embarrassed and I had not listened to the villagers. The sun was just going down when we started to load the bodies of sheep in a cart.

You can imagine what was my astonishment when I was between sheep encountered three dead wolves and a female wolf.

My heart sank and my eyes filled with tears. I killed my true friend. I suspected the star in the sky. Since then it 's been 60 years, and it's the image I can not forget, as if it happened today. Since then I kind of withdrew into myself. The words reluctantly crossed my lips. I was very careful. Clearly, it became no more place in my soul for any condemnation of anyone.

Price was high, and no one asked me if I wanted to buy this experience.



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