The famous weapons: The name, given by the living, and the last name is death

"Namesakes" known and respected global arms often are people who created it. The custom live in the West and in the East, the family "Beretta" is oldest factory.

Automat Kalashnikov out in 1947 the abbreviated AK-47, and after the recent death of its creator, remains the most famous military rifle in the world. Devices known by evil, often owe their good name to their inventors - I guess from there, it was a thankless gunner interlard name "precision mass murderer", "mower infantry" or "effective cannibal."

"Kalashnikov", since after the war, made ​​almost the whole world: They are not, however, made ​​up of Western countries, although many American soldiers during the Vietnam War like more the Soviet "shooters" from their M-16. A previously just an American rifle was an absolute hit. 

"Thompson" is, in fact, has remained an icon of Chicago Prohibition era. It was conceived by John Thompson 1919th , and that gun was mentioned at the beginning of the Yugoslav wars . "Thompson" with the barrel or the traditional framework, like thieves, gendarmes, soldiers, collectors - who love them even today.
"Smith and Wesson" also are among the better known American names. For them, we heard back in the mid 19 century, and celebrated them dirty Inspector Harry, aka Clint Eastwood. Manufacturer owes name to partners Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson, whose brother Edwin has previously made ​​revolvers. And it is not the first.
"Colt," Samuel, also didn't invented the revolver, but perfected earlier invention, making it available to customers - a gunfighters. And it is in America always been the main goal. That is, after all how Tesla beat Edison. When Colt booths from the keg started to wear on the waist, dropped sharply in price genuine heroes, those who rushed to the chest tube the enemy, hoping to miss these, because they would then have to take forever to recharge (if not heroes reduced value, it is life).
Winchester" sounds like a province of England (which maybe it is, have not checked), but also the name of a family, to which he belonged and the present Oliver, was born and died, "round" years (in 1810., And 1880), the American businessman and politician. It is understood that the aforementioned "Smith and Wesson" financially struggling with one of its patents, and is, as a manufacturer of textiles, "slid" in their backyard, where they assembled the rifle-bolt. And so the white man took the Wild West.
"Gatling", however, was the name of the weapon that was used when the white men slaughtered one another in the American Civil War. It's time huddled military ranks - and amputation as a primary method of treatment, and can only imagine what kind of horror among Southern soldiers made ​​a tube from which the crackling gunfire. This, however, is not the right slot, because someone had to turn the handle. Richard Gatling a name which northerners (winners) should be grateful.

"Heckler & Koch" specials sounds as sweetly as the "Kalashnikov" foot soldiers. After the Second World War, Edmund Heckler & Theodor Koch saved are what can be saved from one on "Mauser" (Peter Paul Mauser, 1838-1914) factory in disbanding. A decade later, they made a rifle for the Bundeswehr and later the famous MP-5 machine, using famous commandos.

"Tokarev" is another proof that the Soviets followed the tradition of "baptism" weapon name maker. Fedor Vasilievich Tokarev was, in fact, the author of the famous EKVD (and KGB etc.) pistol "Tokarev TT". Are well served throughout the war, but the back of his head and political enemies. Some researchers Life and Adventures Broz-Tito insisted that he, before the war, the Comintern printings texts signed with "T. T. "Who knows why ... 

"Beretta" is an indication that the Italians, no matter how dubious military skills, like shooting. Firearm under the name comes from the oldest manufacturer in the world, from the factory of arms "Pietro Beretta", founded in 1526. Beretta family even today is the owner of the company.

Constructs "baptized"  planes to

Soviet military and civilian aircraft, carrying the names of the construction office in which they are designed, not by "nameless" factories where they are assembled. That is how the "Mikoyan and Gurevich" (MiG), "Sukhoi", "Ilyushin", "Tupolev", "Jakovljev - Jak" ... Perhaps the most famous of them, Igor Sikorsky, at the time of Imperial Russia produced a giant four-engine bomber "Ilya Muromets". Sikorski then went to America and made ​​his name by designing helicopters, which bears his name.

Germans Willy Messerschmitt, Hugo Junkers and Ernst Heinkel had the same honor - the deadly aircraft carry their name.


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