Transmission of TV channels in Super Hi-Vision 8K resolution

While most people around the world still is not used in 4K standard, who is believed to be on a larger scale only with arrive or a new wave of devices, information coming from Japan to test transmits TV channels in vertiginous 8K resolution. The Japanese broadcaster NHK has already tested the TV broadcast Super Hi-Vision signal, or a new 8K standard.

Briefly, NHK tested clean Super Hi-Vision 8K signal (not compressed) in a radius of about 17 miles (about 27.4 km) and to the need for a UHF TV channels. How is this impressive undertaking, it can be seen by the fact that a transfer of images to a resolution of a whopping 7680 × 4320 dots (8K). For comparison, that's 4x more than 4K, or 16x more than a Full HD (1080p), so we can say that the picture is simply impressive. Of course, Super Hi-Vision 8K signal is still in the testing phase, but knowing the Japanese, they would very quickly put into everyday use ...

Finally, we should mention the interesting fact that 8K TV premiered two years ago at the CES 2012 tradeshow, where as the LG and Toshiba blessed with 4K prototypes, Sharp was already a step further and introduced the first 85-inch "Super High-Vision "TV with 8K resolution.


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